The doctor takes advantage of her . Katrina Moreno
The doctor takes advantage of her . Katrina Moreno

Katrina Moreno will have breast and butt reduction surgery to work as a runway model. The surgeon will take advantage of all those attributes before the reduction surgery....

Katrina Moreno

Mar 01 2023 How the widow killed her husband . Katrina Moreno
How the widow killed her husband . Katrina Moreno

Before receiving the last rites, Don Pepe gave the priest a letter in which he described his wife Katrina Moreno as a horny and insatiable bitch, whom he could never satisfy sexually. The priest meets that poor woman to help her overcome her grief....

Katrina Moreno

Jan 15 2023 Lady Boss . Loree Love
Lady Boss . Loree Love

Loree Love has many employees. If she likes one, she fucks him just like that. And if someone can't satisfy her sexually will get fired....

Loree Sexlove

Jan 11 2023 Mom and daughter ge a Christmas gift . Loree Love and Esmeralda Duarte
Mom and daughter ge a Christmas gift . Loree Love and Esmeralda Duarte

In addition to an iPhone and some roller skates, little Esmeralda Duarte wants a little brother for Christmas. Santa Claus will be in charge of impregnating her mother Loree Love....

Esmeralda Duarte, Loree Sexlove

Dec 24 2022 Mesmerized . Katrina Moreno
Mesmerized . Katrina Moreno

Katrina Moreno mistreats a poor client. In revenge, he casts a spell to subdue her sexually....

Katrina Moreno


Katrina Moreno asks for a special favor from her ex-employee Iran, who is now a successful businessman. The fucking bastard will take advantage of the situation and ask for sex in exchange....

Katrina Moreno

Nov 18 2022 Healing pussy . Loree Love
Healing pussy . Loree Love

Loree Love, the sluttiest doctor, helps a man to regain sensitivity in his penis....

Loree Sexlove

Oct 11 2022 Young masseuse . Katrina Moreno
Young masseuse . Katrina Moreno

Katrina Moreno is attended by a young apprentice masseur. She gets horny and let herself go by the naughty lad....

Katrina Moreno

Oct 10 2022 She fucked the technicians . Loree Love
She fucked the technicians . Loree Love

Mr. Memo and his son went to Loree Love's house to repair the air conditioning. As soon as that horny bitch saw the young man, she managed to take him to her room and fuck him....

Loree Sexlove

Sep 06 2022 Shameless lady . Loree Love
Shameless lady . Loree Love

My aunt Loree Love is an exhibitionist slut. She loves to be fucked in front of her employees....

Loree Sexlove

Aug 11 2022 My mom's best friend . Loree Love
My mom's best friend . Loree Love

My mom recommended treating my back injury with her friend, the masseuse Loree Love. The slutty lady asked me to undress completely, and when she saw my cock she got so horny that she begged me to fuck her in the ass. What a session!...

Loree Sexlove

Jul 12 2022 Casting . Malena
Casting . Malena

Gorgeous Argentinian chick, Malena, wants to be a girl. First, she will have to show us how good she is at sex....


Oct 09 2021 Neighbor . Katrina Moreno
Neighbor . Katrina Moreno

Katrina Moreno wants to know if Herman's cock is larger than her husband's....

Katrina Moreno

Oct 04 2021 Disloyal friends - Part 6 - Toxic wife . Loree Love
Disloyal friends - Part 6 - Toxic wife . Loree Love

Aldo fucked the neighbor with the consent of her husband. Aldo's wife, Loree Love, has found out about the situation and is very upset. Now she will fuck the neighbor to get revenge on Aldo....

Loree Sexlove

Sep 18 2021 First anal . Jessica Jans
First anal . Jessica Jans

When Jessica Jans was young, a rude man deflowered her anus by shoving a dildo into her with no warning nor lubricant. It wasn't until years later that she started enjoying rough anal sex. This time she shows us how much cock her ass can take....

Jessica Jans

Sep 11 2021 Disloyal friends - Part 4 - Birthday present . Loree Love
Disloyal friends - Part 4 - Birthday present . Loree Love

The neighbors threw a birthday party for Loree Love. They brought beer and tres leches cake. They all started to get horny, and they gave her a taste of cake using their cocks as spoons. She was so delighted with the taste that she extracted creamy cum from each penis....

Loree Sexlove

Aug 25 2021 Porn training . Jessica Jans
Porn training . Jessica Jans

Jessica Jans and Elber Gonzalo practiced various sexual positions on an erotic couch. She enjoyed the thick cock, first inside her mouth and then savagely nailed her wet pussy....

Jessica Jans

Aug 07 2021 Submissive neighbor . Katrina Moreno
Submissive neighbor . Katrina Moreno

Katrina Moreno takes advantage of Aldo's kindness to tie him up like a pig and fuck him....

Katrina Moreno

Aug 04 2021 Disloyal friends - Part 2 - She fucks her best friend's husband . Loree Sexlove
Disloyal friends - Part 2 - She fucks her best friend's husband . Loree Sexlove

Loree Love has secret sex with her best friend's husband....

Loree Sexlove

Jul 24 2021 Little devil . Jessica Jans
Little devil . Jessica Jans

Polito's mother warned him that masturbation is a mortal sin, and if he keeps choking the chicken, he will go straight to hell. He tries to be a good boy to go to heaven, but Satan himself appears in the form of a woman to invite him to sin....

Jessica Jans

Jul 20 2021 Abusive boss . Katrina Moreno
Abusive boss . Katrina Moreno

The landlady claims her right of the first night. Katrina has heard rumors that one of her employees named Herman has a massive cock, and he is about to get married. Katrina will assert her right to have sex with him before his fiancée....

Katrina Moreno

Jul 11 2021 Casting - Jessica Jans
Casting - Jessica Jans

Jessica Jans wants to be a porn actress, in this casting she will show her way of having sex....

Jessica Jans

Jul 03 2021 Katrina Killer . Katrina Moreno
Katrina Killer . Katrina Moreno

He had to sell his soul to the Devil to fuck her. Elber has sexual fantasies with a video game character named Katrina Killer. He wants her so bad that he would even be willing to sell his soul to the Devil to fuck her. She came to him in the middle of the night to seal the pact....

Katrina Moreno

Jun 19 2021 First anal . Vika Borja
First anal . Vika Borja

This is Vika Borja's first time getting fucked in the ass on camera....

Vika Borja

Jun 14 2021 Sex with a gay dressmaker . Katrina Moreno
Sex with a gay dressmaker . Katrina Moreno

Katrina is so hot that she even makes the gays horny. Katrina Moreno receives a visit from her gay friend, who is a bra designer. Her husband thinks this boy is an impostor, So, he makes him some tests to measure her level of homosexuality. The result is impressive. Now he can go to work calmly. However, once they are home alone trying on bras, the dressmaker gets horny to see Katrina's pretty tits. And he confesses to her that he feels like a woman, but is attracted to women too, so they end up rubbing their clits....

Katrina Moreno

May 26 2021 POV . Loree Love
POV . Loree Love

After the party, Loree Love and her lover want to keep having fun. But now in a more intimate way, in the bedroom. She dances in red lingerie for him. She wiggles her huge ass, and then she does a tit job on him and licks his cock like it was a lollipop. This curvy Paraguayan MILF sure knows how to give a good blowjob. She is so horny that she practically begs him to be fucked doggy style. She wiggles her ass until she squeezes her lover's huge cock into her pink and wet vagina. is always bringing the hottest Latin girls....

Loree Sexlove

May 13 2021 Sado - Double penetration . Teresa Ferrer
Sado - Double penetration . Teresa Ferrer

Teresa Ferrer in sexy lingerie is tied to a cross by her lovers. They punish her for misbehaving. They use different sadomasochistic tools to give her what she deserves. They even use a fuck machine at the maximum intensity that causes her several orgasms. She moans with pleasure and asks for more. One of them puts his cock in her mouth and the other in her pussy. Then, they give her a double penetration, anal and vaginal at the same time. She loves to feel two cocks inside of her. Teresa is one of the dirtiest sluts in, and she shows it in this video. Lucyan and Herman are in charge of fucking her and making her cum on multiple occasions....

Teresa Ferrer

May 10 2021 5 de Mayo - fucking my Mexican hill billy sister. Katrina Moreno
5 de Mayo - fucking my Mexican hill billy sister. Katrina Moreno

A rancher wants his step-daughter to get married as a virgin. So he entrusts his eldest son with the mission of taking care of her. What the man does not know is that his firstborn has already deflowered her, long time ago....

Katrina Moreno

May 04 2021 Don't call me mami, call me Vika . Vika Borja
Don't call me mami, call me Vika . Vika Borja

Vika recently got divorced and moved to a new house which requires many renovations and while doing them she asked her stepson Elber Gonzalo to let her stay in his apartment for a few days. He gladly accepts because he likes to be close to his mommy. But something is not right, Elber begins to notice certain unusual patterns in Vika's activities: she receives calls, goes to the bathroom to answer, and then makes up excuses to go outside always dressed in very provocative clothes that make her stand out her sinful curves . After several days of analyzing the situation and listening to their cell phone conversations, Elber confronts Vika and asks her a direct question: "Mommy, are you an escort?" She has no choice but to confess the truth; she yes, she is doing escort services. Elber maturely accepts her mother's activity and reiterates her unconditional support. The days go by and Vika is more and more shameless with respect to her escort activity, in front of Elber she gives the information more explicitly to her potential clients, when she goes out she dresses even more provocative and when she returns she tells Elber details about how the sex was with his client in turn. Elber already had certain feelings of lust towards her and with this sexual openness even more. He has been thinking of a proposal that might be too daring and is not sure if he can make it. He finally gathers up his courage and confesses to Vika that he wants to hire her for a sexual service. Will she accept? You decide how you want the outcome of this story to go. As a member of you can choose the responses that Vika should take. Follow your own fantasy....

Vika Borja

May 01 2021 Sexy Maid . Amy Amor
Sexy Maid . Amy Amor

Besides cleaning, this busty maid must let her boss fuck her. She always does it with pleasure....

Amy Amor

Apr 29 2021 Voracious Godmother . Loree Sexlove
Voracious Godmother . Loree Sexlove

Experienced MILF takes her godson's virginity away by request of his mother....

Loree Sexlove

Apr 26 2021 Hot as hell Doctor . Katrina Moreno
Hot as hell Doctor . Katrina Moreno

The sluttiest doctor ever, if she likes some patient she fucks him right there....

Katrina Moreno

Apr 20 2021 Sexual Slave . Loree
Sexual Slave . Loree

Loree sexlove a sophisticated Paraguayan MILF is tied to a cross. She is submissive and allows the two men to do whatever they want with her body. First they begin by using the fuck machine then they both have a three way with this slutty latina MILF....

Loree Sexlove

Apr 09 2021

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