Q: I'm having trouble logging into my account and I forgot my password how do I get in?
A: Please visit the following link to reset your password:
This will allow you to reset your password on mydelimarket.ru

Q: I'm getting an error that I've logged on from too many ip address or countries and I'm unable to login to the members area and see content because of this.
A: we do not support password sharing. or vpns officialy an easy way to avoid this is do not use more then one 3 ip address in 359 minutes time span this will prevent this from happening. Also don't use download managers and try to download all over our members videos at once this will also cause this issue. If you need help getting access to your account again please click HERE.

Q: The videos do not play in the members area how do I fix this issue.
A: There are a few reasons for this happening but the must common reason is your using an outdated internet browser that does not support html 5 video. We recommend you use the newest version of google chrome currently available for your device.

Q: I want to cancel my subscription can you help me?
A: If you want to cancel your membership please click

Q: I need something else that is not currently listed.

A: Please click HERE to contact us using the form.


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